Orange is a creation of the Great Mage Sino , the Tulpa of the Realm of Shades and a friend of Dulcinea.

Appearance Edit

She looks like Dulcinea, but with black eyes and colorless clothes. She helped Dulcinea defeat the Bloodwolf by giving her Sino’s amulet. When Dulcinea used the amulet to stop the Bloodwolf she and the other tulpas disappeared presumably killing them or sending them to the 'Beyond'. However Orange said that two tulpas still remain probably meaning their is an enemy stronger then the Bloodwolf and Sino knows about it.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Cleevil, she is in the "beyond" but it is unknown what the beyond actually is.
  • When Dulcinea said 'I never met a Tulpa before' Orange laughed and said 'You'll find out some day' Probably referring to that Dulcinea is a Tulpa.